Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the operation service fee for vending machines?
GRN shoulders the cost for installation, operation, troubleshooting and other insurance concerns.
We already have canteen and stores. Is that ok?
We provide our services to offer you better opportunities and large selections. Many companies use our services despite having canteen and stores. It is especially appreciated after working hours with round-the-clock service.
Do you provide trash bins?
We lend trash bins for free.
Do you collect the empty cans and bottles?
We can introduce our business partners responsible for recyclable garbage will kindly take care of it.
How often are sold-out items re-stocked?
Our 24‐hour online system monitors inventory and expiration dates to replenish relevant products.
What about malfunctions?
Based on the malfunction data gathered from our online system or the information you provide in the free support system, we will respond promptly.
What about the malfunctions attributed to someone?
We take full responsibility for these scenarios unless it is malicious cases.


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South region: 1800 55 88 23

North region: 1800 55 88 13

Office hours: 8:30~17:00 (Answering machines are available beyond these hours).

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